You may be considering psychotherapy for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have a specific problem in your life, distressing memories or relationship issues. Or perhaps you simply feel that you are not fulfilling your true potential and that there must be more to your life.

Many people find psychotherapy invaluable in helping them to gain clarity concerning the difficulties they face, and in finding a way forward. Psychotherapy sessions can help us to have a better understanding of how we behave, what motivates us and how past experiences can affect our current behaviour.

In your psychotherapy, we will create together a safe, confidential space where your issues can be explored. The agenda for your psychotherapy sessions will be set by you. My aim will not be to offer advice but to work with you to understand the issues involved and help you to find your own unique way forward. Many people have found their psychotherapeutic journey has led to a more fulfilling life, in which their full potential has been further realised.


I am an experienced and fully qualified integrative psychotherapist working in a spacious and comfortable consulting room in Hackney E5.

graham barker